Caelan Atamanchuk

I am a student at McGill University, fishing for a master's in mathematics under the supervision of Luc Devroye. I am interested in most problems that lie in the intersection of probability and combinatorics. Before coming to cast my line in Montréal, I snagged a bachelor's degree at the University of British Columbia's Kelowna campus not too far from my hometown of Kamloops. If I'm not working you should be able to find me in a river somewhere, trying to finally catch a bull trout. Click here to see many pictures of me trying to achieve this dream.

↬McConnell Engineering room 311

Mathematical Scribbles

An Algorithm To Recover Shredded Random Matrices, with Luc Devroye, and Massimo Vicenzo, arXiv preprint (2023)
A Note on Estimating The Dimension of a Random Geometric Graph, with Luc Devroye, and Gabor Lugosi, arXiv preprint (2023)

Friends of The Family